Rob Reiner's (This Is Spinal) prowess as a Director will see his new independent film, Being Charlie, feature a pair of young stars, Nick Robinson and Morgan Saylor, with actor-musician Common as the lead cast.

The film tells the story of Charlie (Nick Robinson), an 18-year-old boy who is forced to go to an adult rehab by his parents after he broke out of a youth drug treatment clinic. Things, however, take an interesting twist when the complexities of his fate ushers a beautiful troubled girl, Eva, into his life while at the treatment facility, which immerses him into a battle of elusive love, drugs and divided parents.

Many will remember Robinson as the break-out star that starred in 2013's Kings of Summer. His rising career has seen him land a spot in both Universal's Jurassic World to be released in June 12, 2015 and Sony's YA adaptation The Fifth Wave.

Other casts who have joined the project include Devon Bostick, Susan Misner, Ricardo Chavira and Cary Elwes.

Common is no stranger to many with his recent hit ''Glory'' that was featured in Selma, bagging the prestigious Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Original Song, while Misner and Elwes are credited for The Good Wife and The Princess Bride respectively.

Filming , which is directed from a script written by Nick and Matt Elisofon, is already underway, with the production receiving approval from the maximum tax incentive of 25 percent (USD $265,494) of the production spending, offered by Utah's state Motion Picture Incentive Program.

In a statement regarding the program, Lucas Jarach, a producer on Being Charlie said, ''The state's professional top-notch crew and artists, its world-class infrastructure and the warmth of its people all make it one of my favourite locations to shoot,'' adding, ''It's ultimately why I'm returning to Salt Lake City with Rob Reiner's new film Being Charlie. The tax incentive programme is also extremely attractive for independent producers.''

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / thelocationguide