Editor's Corner

Welcome to Destination Magazine, East Africa’s leading up market lifestyle title. Destination is committed to starting and leading discussions on a whole host of important topics that revolve around our ever-changing world as well as the fascinating people in it.

Many people’s perception of Kenya and generally, Africa as a whole, is that of a place of beauty and intrigue but riddled with conflict and poverty. Destination Magazine is committed to showcasing the very best of Kenya and East Africa both locally and internationally, sharing all of the amazing things going on within, including our thriving film, music and fashion industries. At the same time we are dedicated to ensuring that our readers – both local and international – are involved in what is happening globally and are taking an increasingly global perspective in how they view East Africa and our world. We believe that there is really more that unites us than divides us and we are excited to spread this message.

Destination is proud to have a monthly readership of more than 100,000 and a heavy fan base in more than 64 countries worldwide, many of those being in North America and Western Europe. One thing that makes Destination Magazine different from many other magazines is that we are very much FEATURES focused. Much of the content in Destination is longer, fuller features with very little “fillers” between our covers. We are committed to journalistic excellence and powerful story telling and we offer our readers content that is both informative and entertaining. We hope that you will enjoy the stories and celebrity interviews that we run monthly as much as we do putting them together.

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Happy reading!

Brennen Matthews, Editor-in-Chief

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