Young Talent Competition

young talent competition

DM has supported and encouraged creative writing among young students via the Young Talent competition since 2011. The aim of the Young Talent Competition is to encourage and promote creative writing amongst students and to foster a passion for storytelling. However, writing and storytelling are not easy, it takes time, practice, effort and the courage to begin.

The Grade 3 class at Glenburnie School, motivated by their teacher, Ms. Beverley Sauro, took up the challenge to share and showcase their literary talent through a special Young Talent Competition in April 2016, submitting a selection of stories that were both well thought out and all worthy of selection. DM’s esteemed panel of judges were impressed with the quality of the submissions and inspired by the caliber of writing from these young students. Young minds can have a significant creative impact on our world; all they need is a little encouragement and direction.

Below are the winning submissions.